Asynja Saxophone Quartet

Lisa Nyberg - Soprano Saxophone

Lisa started to play saxophone in a local musicschool in her hometown Säter in Sweden. During her high school year she studied for Daniel Hedström and she was later accepted at the Conservatory in Falun where she was able to get Jörgen Pettersson to teach her. The following year she attended Musikhögskolan Ingesund in Arvika where she studied for Martin Eriksson. In the autumn of 2013 Lisa started her bachelordegree on the Royal Academy of Music in Århus. She has been rewarded with a number of prizes and scholarships. In february 2017 she was one of three winners in the soloistcompetition at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus. In November 2017 she participated in a competition called P2 Chambermusic Competition which was broadcasted in national danish radio.


Kristina Thede Johansen - Alto Saxophone

Kristina is born 1994 and grew up in Hoyvík on the Faroe Islands. She started to play the saxophone in Tórshavnar Musikkskúli in 2003 for Christina Andersen. Kristina moved to Denmark 2013 to study for saxophonist Kasper Hammer Pihl and took her bachelor degree in 2017 after studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus.While studying in Århus she studied for Claus Olesen, Johannes Thorell and Henriette Jensen. 

Kristina has been an active chambermusician and entrepeneur through her studies, she has been involved in starting up ensembles such as Trio ovis and Ensemble Sirius. She's been soloist with the Faroese Symphonic Orchestra, she's been participating i the faroese competition "Stella Polaris" two times recieving third and second price and 2017 she was one of the soloists in the yearly soloistcompetition at the Royal Academy of Music in Århus. 

Vera Georgieva - Tenor Saxophone

Vera is a swedish saxophonist from Stockholm, born in 1991. She started her education for Per Friman at Nordiska Musikgymniasiet in Stockholm. During her years at Nordiska Musikgymnasiet she regularly played with Stockholms Ungdomssymfoniker conducted by Glenn Mossop. After graduating she started to study at Mälardalens Högskola for Christer Jonsson. After two years on Mälardalens Högskola she started to study at Birkagårdens folkhögskola for the same teacher. Here she played as a soloist and chambermusician in churches and places in and around Stockholm . Besides her studies she has been on workshops and masterclasses with Vincent David, Martin Eriksson and Jörgen Pettersson. 

Anna Magnusson - Baritone Saxophone

Anna is born and raised in Vänersborg in the western part of Sweden and first came into contact with the saxophone when she was ten years old. Her interest in music grew strong and she chose an education specialized in classical music when she started high school. They had a lot of projects on this programme, a number of which together with Göteborg Wind Orchestra where she in 2011 had the oppurtunity to be a soloist. 

In 2013 Anna started her bachelordegree at Örebro University in Sweden. Here, she played a lot of contemporary music and worked with composers such as Andrea Tarrodi and Miklos Marós. She has also recieved several scholarships such as Ruby och Lars Ullmans stiftelse and a local scholarship from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She also participated in the P2 Chambermusic Competition in November 2017 that was broadcasted in danish radio.

Telephone: +45 50661399


Residence: Aarhus, Denmark

Photo Veronica Isabelle Stubberud 

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