Asynja Saxophone Quartet has developed a workshop named "Jeg, komponisten" with the main goal to aloud children to compose music. We will provide them with tools that will let them illustrate, draw or write music and give them room to explore their own creative ideas. When their piece is composed we will play it back for them. 

We aim to give the children as much freedom as possible so that they are free to experiment with their own creative abilities and thereby develop their interest in music and artistic skills. The workshop promotes their visual and auditive skills and will make them focus on details they otherwise would not think about. It is important for us that the children feel that their compositions are taken seriously so that they feel confident in their creative work. It is also important that they can feel that their work is appreciated and that there are no strings attached - all sound is music and how they come up with the music is completely personal.

So how do we teach children to compose music? We have developed a series of steps to make the process easier. First, we'll play a small concert and presentation of the four saxophones to give them an understanding about how a saxophone sounds. We will also introduce the most basic composition techniques and how they can incorporate thoughts and feelings into a composition. 

Secondly, we'll divide them into smaller groups and let them start composing. We are there the whole time to help them if they get stuck or have questions. 

We'll end the workshop with a concert where we will play the music. We're also recording the concert so that they can show family and friends that they composed music on their own.

We've collaborated with cultural initiatives in both Denmark - Genklange and The Faroe Islands - Listaleypurin to bring this workshop to schools.  We've found great success around our concept and it has resulted in over 40 new pieces for saxophone quartet - all made by children from 3 to 12 years of age.

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Residence: Aarhus, Denmark

Photo Veronica Isabelle Stubberud 

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